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Great Job, thank you for your Team Work

Paul Yeung

Thanks Team Yu.

No one can top your professionalism and hard work. I would recommend you to anyone selling their home. If ever in the future I need an agent you will be my first call. When you come across the best you stick with the best.

Mike Sinikosk

We were in a rush to move to Vancouver from Richmond Hill due to my husband's new job offer, but we did not want to sell our lovely place under the market value.

After screened again and again, we decided to give the Jason Yu Team a shot. To our surprise, they sold our place just WITHIN 2 WEEKS with a GREATTT price ( Sorry guys, I am really grateful lol) ! As a result, we have made a quite amount of capital gain even after paying the reasonable commission rate (Yayyyyy). I just wish we could meet a nice agent as Jason Yu Team in Vancouver again .... any recommendations?

Ali Amad

Very professional and great communicator, cheers

David Pang

Jason's team is Full of marketing and negotiation skills.

I feel confident to refer my friends and relatives to Jason in terms of buying or selling their properties.

Nellie Wong

We are extremely satisfied with Jason Yu Team.

They helped us to sell our property very smoothly and fast. It took only 1 week for us to sell our house. We truly recommend you to choose Jason Yu Team as your agent because these guys are extremely professional and they always provide the legendary customer service.

Lina Syao

They were great.

Danny Lau

Jason, Johnson & Janet are very professional, enthusiastic, friendly and they serve with a heart.

My experience with them is totally awesome and impressive. Though I understand they are extremely busy with lots of different projects and clients on hand, somehow they always take the time to listen to your concerns, to answer any questions you have and to response fast to the situation. They are genuine, sincere and professional. Once I have big issues with my tenant and they help me to solve the problem quickly and professionally. I highly recommend Jason Yu Team to anyone who is looking for a SUPER realtor with the heart to serve.

Stella Lau

They have quite knowledge about the neighbourhood.

Their estimated value of the house met the market value.and their negotiation skill is excellent.

Jie Liu

Trustful and effective

Harry Lau

The Jason Yu team is very professional and experienced.

ce shi

Excellent work.

Good services.

Ivan WU

My friend recommended the Yu’s Team, who was not on our list when we sold our house at Richmond Hill in April 2011, to us.

The young and energetic Yu Team, comprising 3 siblings, Jason, Johnson and Janet Yu, has given us a good first impression during the presentation by demonstrating they are very knowledgeable and keeping abreast of current developments and trends in the real estate market. The Yu Team sold our house in 9 days with over asking price has demonstrated they are competent, efficiency and are of good social networking. My wife and I are pleased to recommend the Yu Team to our friends and neighbors and to give our personal commendation in recognition of their professionalism, excellent team work, personal decorum and professional ethnics.

Alex Fung

Very good service!


Mei Wa, Apple Hui

We were under a lot of pressure we had an agent that could not sell our home and our close date on our new house was only 30 days away we had to change agents and went with the Jason Yu team with in 7 days our house was sold for over asking price Jason and his team saved us from loosing our new home thank you Jason !


Richard Taylor


Wai ling Chan

Agent you can trust 100 %.

Pushpawathy Dassvell

I appreciate my broker was given me an advice and analyze of current markets is going, so that help my property sell fast within months .

Thanks again for my agent your help are appreciated.

Sylvia Hoang

They are excellent and responsibility agent !

Tony Yuen

jason team is well professional i am very happy with tham .

they deserve 5 stars Good luck

achatz onkar

They're the best agents in my area !

So professional .

Hon kai Young

Very good

Michael Yu

Fast sell over asking.

Yan Chang

Efficient team work and duties delegation No Bs or over commitment Effective advertising approach Realistically reflect up-to-date market price Great working attitude with courtesy Young ,energetic and fun to work with

David Luk

Jason Yu Team are very professional and attention to details in every step.

Shirley Ng

The Yu team did a great job selling our home.

Would recommend

Shirley and kong Chan

Great team.

Will recommend them. Make selling a house a very enjoyable experience.

Mario Wong

Jason Yu's team is very professional and reliable.

With their help, we get our house sold in a very short period of time. Give BIG thanks to them!

Debbie Tsai

Jason Yu's team helps us to sell our house for over-asking price within a very short period of time.

Their team knows the housing market very well and strategies to sell your house for best price.

Stephen Yuen

Jason team is very experienced agent, they give good advice on setting up the asking price and can help to sell the house on the price of owner's expectation

Jackie Li


Kathy jin

As this was the first time selling a home me and my husband were very nervous.

That was until we met with Jason and Janet. They made the process so easy. 3 days later we sold our home over asking and they were able to help us find our next dream home. Thank you Jason and Janet. I would 100% recommend them to anyone wanting to sell their home. They took any concern we had seriously and were always available to answer any questions we had. If your looking for agents that are truly working to get the best price for your home then their next agents.

Betty Sinikoski

The best agent with great experience and knowledge .

very helpful team

Zeina Saad

Simply the best agents out there.

All three of them come to you by themselves, not their assistants. Whenever you call, it's one of them picks up your phone, not their employee/assistant. When they do your open house, you will see them, not only their assistant. At the end, trust them, they will get your house sold at an amazing price which is much higher than you expected. Period.

Anson Liao

Jason YU is the the best

Yi Zhang

Excellent service!

Angel Lo

It was easy to work with Jason Yu and his team.

They were fast, flexible and always reachable. They understand the market very well, know their pricing strategy and know how to get into the right deals to get you the best cost for your house. I and my wide are a happy customer for sure. I highly recommend.

Sushil Bhat

It was a pleasure working with Jason & Janet.

They are very knowledgeable in explaining the changes in legislation and mortgage situations for today's market. The listing was well-placed with excellent photos and clear descriptions. They generated great interest in our house; showings everyday. They stayed in contact regularly without our need to call for updates. They were both very accessible for questions and ready with answers. I highly recommend the Jason Yu Team.

Paula Olivieri

It has been a great pleasure working with Jason, Johnson and Janet.

They are very knowledgeable and caring professionals that exceed our expectation. Whenever our family have questions, we can easily reach them and they will be able to answer and ensure us. We are always informed throughout the entire process. Our family are happy and glad that we choose Jason's team to represent us, it's a great decision we made.

Wilson Leung

The Jason Yu team were very professional and had everything ready quickly and with ease.

This was a very busy time in life for us, and the Jason Yu team did most of the work in the background without engaging us much at all - which made things easy and stress free for us. When we texted or emailed they were quick to respond. They did well and got a price for our sale that we were very happy with!

Leanne Guzman

"When Jason and team say that they will get the top dollar for your home, they mean it.

Their services are well prepared, fast, and worry free. They revisit the selling strategy based on the main quality elements of the property; near Castlemore public school, and detached home in the case of 66 Warren Bradley. Their focus on the potential customer, with a rapid exposure of 115 plus customers in the first few weeks, was the best I have seen in Ontario. We were pleased to obtain a rental property in Markham; a closing bonus from Jason and Team!!"




We only want the most skilled agent and we are picky on this.

Fortunately, I have found Jason Yu Team's advertisement on a local magazine and I was extremly pleased after our first meeting with them. They are kind, experienced and highly familier with the market ! Additionally, they were patient to answer all the questions anytime I called or dropped by, and I was being treated like their FAMILY! I have to say that they really care about their clients, and how to satisfy their clients' needs. Anyway, they sold our house in a shorter time of period than we excepted and we were really happy with the sold price. My advice? Save yourself some trouble and find someone who knows his/her stuff well !!

Terry Young

Good service and after sale service

Mei Yan

Excellent service.

Very efficient.

David Zhou

Jason and his team were very professional, knowledgeable and helpful, and they apply technology which makes it really easier and faster for all parties

Nancy Zaytoon

Very Happy result, see my YouTube Testimonial for reference.

Good Job and I will send me MORE REFERRALS to you. Seller Lisa


I highly recommend working with Jason Yu for your real estate needs.

He’s a professional! Jason will do things that other agents won’t do in the business. He is amongst the top in the business.

Mark Weisz

First of all we want to thank Jason Yu Team for selling our property.

Being an real estate agent, his whole team have very good knowledge of the market, price, communication, ability in negotiating offers. We want to say about Jason that he is very smart, soft spoken, and representing both parties in good manner when come to present the offers. I will recommend others to work with Jason YU Team when comes to sell or buy their properties.

Rajesh Gupta

My Husband, my son and I knew that selecting the right Real estate agent is so vital and one of the key factor in selling a home.

My son strongly believed that we should choose Jason Yu Team, because they sell several properties in the Markham area, they must be knowlegeable who knows the market well.On the night we signed the listing, Jason and Janet came to our home on time and gave us a detailed overview on what's happening in the present market and what to expect on this current trend in the real estate market. Yes we were nervous, but we trusted Jason and his Team that they could sell our house. And YES they were able to sell our house and we were so thankful to Jason and his team on all the hard work they did. and so glad we made the right decision in choosing Jason Yu Team.


I like yu team because they are top of every thing and i trust them to be my agent for as long as i live to by house or sale house thank you .

you and your brother and sister are very respectfull we aprciat that .for give me if i have wrong spelling

Violet Tarverdi

excellent & prompt services with great attitude.

tommy yu

Never met a great team in REMAX

Tony Souza

For my experience, my agent is very profesonal, kindly agent that I met.

Tina Zhao

What a great experience!

Our property was presented in a most professional manner and with great respect and care. We enjoyed working with the Jason Yu team and would not hesitate to do so again!

Ilona DeRose


peter yu

Excellent service!

I am very thankful to have Janet Yu as my real estate agent. I called Jason Yu Team and got Janet Yu on the phone to help me sell my condo. Janet is very knowledgeable and knows the real estate business very well. She is very helpful and answered all the questions that I have. I cannot believe how fast Janet works. My son and I had just finished painting my condo and Janet called me that same day that she has a client that wants to look at my condo. Same day, I got an offer, price that I am happy with. I did not even put my condo in the market and it is SOLD! with no conditions. Thank you Janet. I am very pleased with your work. So if you need a good real estate agent, get Jason Yu Team. Jason Yu Team is NUMBER ONE!

Rose Wicklund

Their work is professional and they communicate with us effectively.

We have chosen the right agent to sell our house. It is likely for us to contact them again in my next purchase or sell.

Irene Chan

Jason Yu team are very professional.

They will deliver the result as they promise. They make the whole process very easy to understand and smooth. Our house was sold over asking price:) highly recommend!!! 5 stars service!!! Thank you very much Jason Yu and the team. PL

Polly Leung

This agent is very helpful for all points; very smart on all matters.

daniel leung

The Jason Yu team helped me to get the best price for my home despite the competition on my street.

They handed out flyers and did whatever they needed to do to help us sell our house quickly and reasonably priced.

Chinh vuong

This is a very professional team!

Weijie Ouyang

Jason and his team was super helpful before and after the sales process, highly recommend.

He helped us find a superstar team for post sale support, like a fantastic accountant. On the buy side he helped ensure we made the right decision for our investment.

Danny Hui

Jason knows the real estate market trend around my neighbour very well.

Stephen Tang

All I can say about Jason Yu is that he is a supper agent!

If you are looking for real estate agent that will surpassed your expectation, your looking for Jason Yu. The Jason Yu team is an amazing team. Janet and Johnson are amazing! The team is very professional and very knowledgeable, easy to relate to, made us feel at ease and relax right from the get go. Their just amazing!! Thank you guys!

Ruel Zagado

Responsive, great negotiation skills

Catherine Wang

Jason and his team were excellent in every aspect of the sales process.

They understood the market and buyers in our area. They invested a great amount of time and effort to understand our unique property and created excellent marketing materials to showcase our homes features. We would definitely use this professional team again.

Ted Brown

I highly recommend Jason Yu Team be your team.

Sandy Lee

Excellent negotiation skills and strategies

Jason Liang

I am an investor.

In the past 6 years, Jason bought me 4 units, rented 3, and sold 2. They were all $$ making transactions. I pay him full commission, as he more than earn it by finding me the best deal, in good and difficult time. Highly recommend the Yu Team. Herbert

Herbert Chiu

professional and helpful.

recommend to everyone of you

xiaoqing zhu

Jason Yu Team is very professional.

Chong Zhang

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